M12 Movement and the MP Collective together lured its attention to a problem with a national interest

Yesterday, 23rd of January 2019, the parliament MP Collective with the collaboration of March 12 Movement held an immediate discussion about an issue with the national interest at the second committee room of the Parliament premises. It was about the catastrophic issue faced by most of the Sri Lankan farmers due to the crop invasion occurred by ‘Sena’ caterpillar.

Hon. H Harrison Minister of Agriculture, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Mr Ananda Kumarasiri, parliament ministers of the MP Collective, several intellectuals who are the subject expertise as well government officials of the Department of Agriculture took party to this discussion. Mr. Rohana Hettiarachchie who is the Executive Director of PAFFREL moderated the discussion.

Prof Lionel Nugaliyadde and Dr WMW Weerakoon who are subject expertise made a quick rap-up to the identification of the significance of the caterpillar, the current situation of the country relating to the arisen issue and the steps which are been taken and to be taken to control the calamity.

The discussion was pretty much effective and this awareness made to the public representors were highly opportune because it has been estimated that this calamity caused 20 percent drop of the total corn harvest and affects to cane cultivation as well. It was also been mentioned during the discussion that out of 82,000 acres of corn cultivation 43,000 acres has been damaged by this ‘Sena’ caterpillar.

As the final conclusion of the overall discussion, Ministers of the MP Collective together with the respectable government officials have agreed to evaluate the actual lose faced by farmers and pay them compensation, create a proper awareness to the farmers which needed to be a two way communication channel as well moderating the role of the media which should be a provider of actual information rather than making a sensational news out of it.