Special academic presentation on Human Animal Conflict delivered MP’s Of Parliament

MP Research Collective representatives which is comprised of Academic personals who are subject matter experts delivered this special session on ‘Human-Animal conflict in Sri Lanka and Potential Scientific Solutions’ while having a special focus on the Human – Toque Monkey (Toque macaque) conflict. Prof. Mrs. C. A.D. Nahallage ( USJP) led the Academic presentation , followed by Dr. Nimal Kumarasinghe (USJP) and Prof. Asoka Dangalla (UPSL) and Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda (USJP) moderated the session.

The resource personals also presented the current status of their researches latest progress on the matter, challenges faced with special reference to human errors and long & short term solutions while delivering the session to the Honorable MPs. The session was followed by a Q & A session which allowed the path to a constructive dialogue about the way forward. Most importantly after listening to the presentations of the resource personals it was emphasized by the Honorable Members of the Parliament to set a policy framework to promptly address this issue which causes many economic losses to the rural communities that have not still been assessed.

The Honorable Members of the Parliament who took part in this program came to a common agreement to take this dialogue forward in order to present a proposal to a Parliament Working Committee to work on this matter. Also the Hon. MPs agreed to extend their support to facilitate the ongoing research work by the resource personals which was emphasized by the academics. Both resource personals and MPs highly commended the effort by March 12 Movement to bring subject matter experts from academia and policy makers into a one table where it will immensely contribute to set up a policy framework which can address the prevailing issues in grassroots in an efficient manner.

Multi party representation was seen in the group of Honorable Members of the Parliament who took part in this program, from the ruling party , joint opposition as well as the minority parties.

Members of the Parliament who participated in the Academic Presentation of ‘Human Wild life Conflict with special reference to Touq Monkey on 11. 10. 2018 at Committee room 01 , Parliament of Sri Lanka.

1. Dep.Speaker of the Parliament Hon. Ananda Kumarasiri
2. Hon.Dr. Ramesh Pathirana MP
3. Hon.Indika Anuruddha MP
4. Hon.T.Ranjith de Zoysa MP
5. Hon.M. Priyadarsha de Silva MP
6. Hon.Dulip Wijesekara MP
7. Hon.T.V.Vidanagamage MP
8. Hon.Mrs.Rohini Wijeratne MP
9. Hon.Dr.Mrs.Thusitha Wijemanna MP
10.Hon.Prof.Ashubodha Marasinghe MP
11.Hon.Tharaka Balasuriya MP
12.Hon.Vidura Wikkramanayaka MP
13.Hon.Janaka Wakkumbura MP
14.Hon.W.Dissanayake MP
15.Hon.Sujith Perera MP
16.Hon.Lohan Rathwaththe MP
17.Hon.D.V. Chanaka MP
18.Hon.Kanaka Herath MP
19.Hon.Mahinda Yapa Abeygunawardana MP
20.Hon.Mujiber Rahuman MP
21.Hon.Asoka Priyantha MP
22.Hon.Harshana Rajakaruna MP
23.Hon.Nihal Galappaththi MP
24.Hon.S.C.Muthukumarana MP